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Music Therapy : A Valuable Adjunct in the Oncology Setting

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         Here we have a well-written overview of the many ways Music Therapy can be beneficial in the oncology setting. SLU’s very own Susan Mahon, RN, DNSc, AOCN®, APNG is credited for this informative explanation. It’s a quick read, and very useful if providing Music Therapy examples for potential clients, new students, or prospective employers.

Music Therapy in Oncology

Music Therapy On the Dave Glover Show 97.1

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97.1We’re excited to spread the word about Music Therapy in the medical setting to Dave Glover’s listeners this Tuesday, Feb 25th! Tune in at 3:35 PM CST if you’d like to listen – The Dave Glover Show : Streaming Live!

Everyone says I have a ‘face for radio’, so here’s my chance to prove them all right!

R-O-C-K in the B.M.T. !

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Part of our mission here at the Saint Louis University Cancer Center is to create new ways to bring music and music therapy to patients and staff. Our intern, Brian Hilderbrand, and I have made it part of our routine to play in the lobby of the SLU Outpatient Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic. This is a great way to generate patient referrals by letting the music help patients decide if they are interested in individual sessions – plus the smiling nurses, doctors, and staff members are not shy to voice their appreciation (and request songs)!

We count ourselves very fortunate to work around such a compassionate and professional medical staff here at SLU’s Cancer Center, and it’s our distinct pleasure to share with them some benefits of music therapy while helping our patients relax and enhance their treatment experience.

Therapeutic Songwriting Feature : “A Winning Hand”

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Two months ago, I met a patient the ICU dealing with complications from his chemotherapy treatment. He welcomed me and Music Therapy with open arms, and as we developed a strong rapport he shared with me some lyrics to an unfinished song he started when he was 19 years old. It was his wish that we finish the song to bring his life experience full circle. He had recently received news that his diagnosis was terminal, so he decided to plan for his inevitable goodbye by composing a song with me to memorialize his life’s journey.

When we finished his song, “A Winning Hand”, it was the patient’s wish to share the song via the internet so that it could potentially “inspire people and bring them comfort if they could relate to the song’s message”. It was a supreme honor to meet and know this patient for a short time, and I am pleased to share this song with all of you. Happy Holidays!

A Winning Hand