Symphony Mondays

April 1st : SymphonyCares Showcase : Featuring the SLU Cancer Center!

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4-1-15 On Stage at Powell SymphonyCares Showcase


We are thrilled to be apart of the St Louis Symphony’s ‘SymphonyCares Showcase’ this year! They will highlight their outreach efforts in different community settings, and part of the event will recreate the ‘Day Zero’ performance of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” that two wonderful Symphony musicians gave at our BMT Clinic last December.  —- Tickets are FREE! —– Come and enjoy some excellent music and see how the St Louis Symphony impacts our community in amazing and meaningful ways.

Symphony Mondays! New Season!

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We are thrilled to announce our newest season in partnership with the Saint Louis Symphony! Their fine musicians provide a welcome sensory refocus by performing cherished Classical selections for our patients in the outpatient Infusion Room. To say we are lucky to have them would be like saying “the ocean is wet” – an understatement!

 Symphony Mondays 8 by 11

Grand Rounds : SUCCESS!!!

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Crystal and I would like to thank everyone involved in the production, promotion, and attendance of our Grand Rounds event yesterday. It was so inspiring to meet everyone and to share the work that Tracie, Crystal, and I are so fortunate to be apart of. Click above for our thank you video, or the blue link below to see a portion of our Live Songwriting piece during the Grand Rounds.

Grand Rounds : Live Songwriting

Symphony Mondays – Continued!!

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Symphony Mondays (1)-page-0We are excited to continue our 3rd season with the Saint Louis Symphony! Thanks to their generous and ‘harmonious’ partnership with us at SLU Cancer Center, we are lucky enough to host Saint Louis Symphony performances in our Outpatient Infusion Clinic. These talented musicians volunteer their time to provide our infusion patients with a unique and rewarding experience during an otherwise unpleasant treatment. Symphony players perform in duos, arranging music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and even Modern composers to enhance patient relaxation and enrich their sensory stimulation. Patients, caregivers, and staff nurses alike are ‘infused’ with the healing power of the dynamic and emotive music – A classy cure for any “Case of the Mondays.”

– Saint Louis Symphony Performances @ The SLU Cancer Center are funded by
The League of American Orchestras Getty Education and Community Investment Grant.