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Right Hand Righteousness

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It’s been a WHILE since I’ve posted a video on here, and I’M SORRY!!! Here’s a video that focuses on the importance of your rhythm hand, while teaching you the chords to an American pop classic – “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”.


The Power of the Power Chord

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Here’s some fun and interesting ways to incorporate Power Chords into your guitar practice. Also some quick lessons on some popular songs. I hope you enjoy!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – difficulty (easy)

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Hello fellow therapists! Today I’m highlighting a very popular and potentially therapeutic song for a wide variety of age ranges and therapy settings. The lyrics are ripe for meaningful discussion/analysis, the mood of the song is happy – but the tempo can be comfortably manipulated to enhance relaxation. Overall – a very versatile, easy-to-learn song that you and your patients can enjoy!

Here is a YouTube link for audio accompaniment: John Fogerty – Have You Ever Seen The Rain

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – By Creedence Clearwater Revivial

C (I)
Someone told me long ago

there’s a calm before the storm
G (V) C (I)
I know, it’s been coming for sometime
C (I)
when it’s over so they say, it’ll rain a sunny day
G (V) C7 (V/IV)
and I know, shinin’ down like water


F (IV) G (V)
I wanna know
C (I) G (V) Am (vi)
Have you ever seen the rain
F (VI) G (V)
I wanna know
C (I) G (V) Am (vi)
Have you ever seen the rain
F (VI) G (V) C (I)
coming down on a sunny day

2nd Verse (same chords as 1st verse)

Yesterday and days before
sun is cold and rain is hard
I know, been that way for all my time
till forever on it goes
through the circle fast and slow
I know, it can’t stop I wonder

chorus x2

Here’s the shape of the C7 (for anyone unfamiliar)